Hardware: Rivals PS4 Beta Starts Tomorrow, Exclusively for PlayStation Plus Members

Announced earlier this month as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, vehicle combat game Hardware: Rivals is getting a worldwide beta beginning tomorrow, September 30, only for PlayStation Plus members. (Update: Download it now)

Available to download from the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store for all members when it goes live tomorrow, the Hardware: Rivals beta will allow access in waves, as Sony’s Dan Durnin explained:

During the Beta we’ll be letting in batches of players on a first-come-first-served basis. When you launch the game, you’ll automatically be granted a Beta key if one is available, and can start playing right away.

If all of the keys in the current batch have been taken, you’ll have to wait until a new batch is released. Don’t worry though, we’ll be releasing new keys regularly throughout the Beta, so keep an eye on the Official Forums for updates.

Everyone who gets a beta key in-game will also able to invite a friend to join them, so think carefully about who you want backing you up!

Finally, anyone who participated in our Closed Beta already has a beta key waiting for them as a little thank you, so come and check out what’s new.

Since Hardware: Rivals is still in development, your feedback will help shape the game. There’s a dedicated beta forum where you can learn more about the game, leave feedback, and get updates from the team.

Will you be participating in the beta?

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