Destiny: The Taken King Giveaway Winners Announced, Read the Winning Comment

Another giveaway has ended here on PlayStation LifeStyle, and this one’s for our Destiny: The Taken King Digital Collector’s Edition PlayStation 4 key (NA).

While the widget that announced who the random winner was can be seen below, the big deal here is who posted the winning comment that won a The Taken King PS4 key! And the winner is...Smurf Slayer!

Here’s his winning comment:

Destiny is like buying a sofa. A really nice sofa. I’ve really liked this sofa, and have done many things with the sofa. Then, one day, Bungie come to my front door, and offer me TTK, or in this scenario, a REALLY nice pillow. Unfortunately, I cannot afford said pillow, and have to decline. They then barge inside my house, saw a quarter of my nice sofa off, and take it away from me. Morale of the story: I’m really enjoying Destiny, but after TTK was released, I feel like I’m missing out on crucial features and fun that should have been in the base game. Help me out?

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Congrats, Chris R. and Smurf Slayer ! For those that didn’t win, we have more giveaways lined up very, very soon (one is starting later today even).

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