Here’s How to Join the Official PlayStation LifeStyle PS4 Community

While Sony might have rolled out a bunch of new features for its now-gen console with the newly released PS4 update 3.00, it’s done so with quite a few hiccups.

Chief among these bumps is Sony not including a search function for its “Community” feature, which is a major problem if you want to be part of the PlayStation LifeStyle PS4 Community hub/page.

Fortunately for you, we’ve found a method to remedy this both in video, and in screenshot form. So, pick your poison, and do the necessary steps (super easy) to be a member of the PlayStation LifeStyle PS4 Community! 

We’re hoping that Sony implements a search function soon, but in the meantime, this is the best solution out there right now.

Remember:You don’t need to add TylerXDurden (Stephen Bitto) or Lifewish (Cameron Teague) in order to join the PSLS Community page. 

Have you tried the moment yet? What do you want to see from the PSLS Community page?