Upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight Update Will Address Newton’s Cradle Leaderboard Issue

Batman: Arkham Knight Game Director, Sefton Hill, has confirmed that the upcoming update will address the Newton’s Cradle leaderboard issue which affects scores and ranking. Hill said that the fix included in October’s update won’t result in players losing old scores. Instead, they’ll need to replay the challenge and get any score to resubmit their previous high score. 

Talking a bit about the AR challenge “blue walls,” Hill said that they’ll now only appear when players get close and won’t be seen at all when they move away. This update will affect all existing combat and predator maps alongside the new maps. 

When asked for a release date, Hill couldn’t confirm anything but said that it looks like the update will be out near the end of October.

For more on the update, click here.

[Source: Sefton Hill (Twitter)]