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The Crew Developer Ivory Tower Acquired by Ubisoft

It seems Ubisoft really liked racing game The Crew, as it just bought its developer, Ivory Tower!

Announcing the acquisition in a latest blog post, here’s what Ubisoft had to say:

2015 will be a memorable year for the studio for another important reason: the Ivory Tower team is now officially part of the Ubisoft family. After several years of successful collaboration, Ubisoft is excited to be integrating the studio’s expertise into its global network of talents. The 100 team members who work at the studio have developed a recognized expertise in driving, building massive open worlds and creating games with strong online and “games as a service” components, all of which will be huge benefits for Ubisoft as a whole.

Managing Director Ahmed Boukhelifa also shared his thoughts on how being part of Ubisoft’s internal studios will benefit the developer:

We’ve always enjoyed a very positive relationship with Ubisoft. Working together on The Crew, and celebrating its success, made us both understand that we have huge potential in continuing to work together in the future. By joining Ubisoft, the team at Ivory Tower will continue to benefit from Ubisoft’s infrastructure, support, tools, technology and vision. In return, we will contribute our own expertise to the broader Ubisoft story.

Ivory Tower’s next project is The Crew Wild Run, which will be out on November 7.

[Source: Ubisoft]