Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Out today in North America, with Europe getting it back on Wednesday, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection takes Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception from PlayStation 3, and remasters them for PlayStation 4.

In a launch day post for The Nathan Drake Collection, SCEA Associate Producer Victor Harris explains everything developer Bluepoint Games did to enhance the collection:

  • Faster Frame Rate – All three games were pushed towards being locked at 60 FPS where possible.
  • Camera, Movement and Aim – In order to unify all three games, we adjusted the speed of camera movement, the stickiness of aim assist, and how the camera handled diagonal movement in Uncharted 3 and rebuilt the aim assist in Drake’s Fortune.
  • Controller Layout – We remapped buttons to ensure players did not have to switch between different control schemes with each game. We also tweaked some of the controller layout decisions based on player’s familiarity with The Last of Us Remastered.
  • Uncharted Drake’s Fortune Grenade Gameplay – We’ve brought the grenade gameplay in Drake’s Fortune in line with the other two games. Players no longer need to equip a grenade to throw one and can also throw grenades in various ways while hanging or while in cover.
  • Trophy Tuning and Additions – We added in over 3,500 new trophy points and 3 new Platinum Trophies.
  • Languages – All three games now support 22 languages!
  • Music Enhancements – Music was upgraded across all three games to support surround sound systems for a better overall audio experience.
  • New Game Mode: Explorer – An “as easy as possible” mode to let new players enjoy exploring as they follow along with the narrative.
  • New Game Mode: Brutal – A new “as hard as possible” mode called Brutal, an intense challenge, but not a torturous experience.
  • New Game Mode: Speed Run – Players can practice with Chapter Select and set best times for each chapter or play continuous runs from a New Game to set their best overall scores.
  • Photo Mode – Players can now capture their favorite moments and most breathtaking scenes via Photo Mode.
  • Enhanced Statistics and Friends Leaderboards – We added support for tracking player statistics across the three games.
  • Enhanced Visuals – Visual improvements include enhancements to lighting and shadows, materials, shaders, and visual effects. The models and textures are improved and we’ve added ambient occlusion and motion blur where such rendering features weren’t originally supported.
  • Better Movies – All of the movies were re-rendered to include all the visual improvements made to the games themselves, such as better lighting, improved models and textures – and to display at 1080p, 60 FPS.

Additionally, every owner of The Nathan Drake Collection will receive exclusive access to the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta in December. A PlayStation Plus membership is required.

If you do purchase the collection, keep in mind that there’s a 1GB day one update, which includes stability improvements, performance optimizations, improved movies, bug fixes, and more.

You can check out the giant list of Trophies in the gallery below, with our review of The Nathan Drake Collection over here.

[Source: PS Blog]