Supermassive Games Comments on Sony’s Lack of Marketing Push for Until Dawn

Just last month, in our interview with Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida, he explained the lack of marketing push when it came to Supermassive’s horror game, Until Dawn.

Speaking to Supermassive Games’ Executive Producer Pete Samuels, we asked him what his thoughts were on Sony’s marketing push for Until Dawn, and whether they felt it wasn’t being marketed as heavily as it should have been for an exclusive first-party title.

PlayStation LifeStyle: Leading up to release, what were your thoughts on Sony’s marketing for the game — a question we asked Shuhei Yoshida as well. Did Supermassive feel that it wasn’t being marketed as heavily as other first-party exclusives?

If a game is quite different to what’s come before, it must be difficult to know exactly what to do, who to aim the marketing at, and what the message should be. Even if the strength of the push wasn’t as big as we’d have liked, there was a huge amount of creativity in the way that Sony promoted Until Dawn.

Thankfully, Until Dawn still sold very well and even managed to exceed Supermassive’s sales expectations even if the marketing isn’t as solid as it should have been. In related news, Samuels also mentioned that they’re not ruling out DLC for Until Dawn, but that they need to find the right context for it.

 Do you think Sony should market games like Until Dawn even if they don’t fit the bill of the usual AAA blockbuster? What can Sony do to make sure it Until Dawn moves a few more units this Halloween?