PlayStation VR “Probably” to Have a Racing Game at Launch

PlayStation VR will have a “good suite of games a launch,” one that will probably include puzzle games and racing games, PlayStation Magic Lab Director Richard Marks said in a recent interview with Tom’s Hardware.

In the video interview, which can be seen above, Marks explained that interactivity is the key of VR, and mentioned that the Magic Lab team wants PlayStation VR to have titles that will appeal to everyone.

We’re really focused on games, so at the launch we’ll have a good suite of games. And that will probably be a wide variety of games. So we have some puzzle games, we have like an action game like [London Heist], we’ll probably have some form of a racing kind of title. I mean, we like to have a good breadth for a platform so that something will appeal to everybody. And I think we really do feel like interactivity is a key element of entertaining VR gaming.

Which racing game or racing game franchise would you like to see represented on PlayStation VR?

[Source: Tom’s Hardware (YouTube) via VRFocus]