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The PlayStation VR Demo Disc Includes “Five Minute Nuggets” From Launch Titles

The demos are designed to show off “five minutes of awesomeness.”

Sony Will Try To “Improve Every Aspect” of PlayStation VR, They Believe a Follow-Up Will Happen Someday

“Get it lighter, smaller form factor, easier to use.”

PlayStation VR Lifecycle to Follow PS4’s, Magic Lab Director Reveals

“I think the PlayStation VR is very well matched to the PlayStation 4.”

PlayStation VR “Probably” to Have a Racing Game at Launch

“We like to have a good breadth for a platform so that something will appeal to everybody.”

Project Morpheus Has “Massive Amounts of Support,” Won’t Turn Out Like PlayStation Move

The future of PlayStation Move also briefly discussed.

Sony Plans to Demo Project Morpheus’ Wii U-Like Multiplayer at Events Later This Year

Project Morpheus sales only need reach the minimum install base for developers to get their money back.