PlayStation VR Lifecycle to Follow PS4’s, Magic Lab Director Reveals

In the same interview with Tom’s Hardware that revealed there might be a racing game launching with PlayStation VR, PlayStation Magic Lab Director Richard Marks revealed that the VR system’s life will follow that of the PS4’s.

According to Marks, the PS VR is “well matched” with the PS4, so they will likely follow the same lifecycle.

I think the PlayStation VR is very well matched to the PlayStation 4. So it will really kind of follow its life cycle quite well.

Marks also revealed that, just like consoles, the PS VR will likely see the best games at the end of its cycle.

It’s not the case, so consoles come out and they’re pretty powerful and then the game developers figure out how to get more and more out of them as it goes. And so, by the end of the life cycle, that’s when you’re still seeing the best games possible.

What do you think about the PlayStation VR’s predicted life cycle?

[Source: Tom’s Hardware (YouTube) via VR Focus]