Project Morpheus Has “Massive Amounts of Support,” Won’t Turn Out Like PlayStation Move

While PlayStation Move never really got the support it deserved, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has just assured fans that their upcoming virtual reality device, Project Morpheus, will be fully supported. In an interview with Polygon, two SCE employees talked about the upcoming device, and even shed some light on the future of PS Move.

When asked how many people are working on Project Morpheus, Senior Staff Software Engineer Jeff Stafford said “I would say hundreds.” He then mentioned that support for the VR device is “on a much bigger scale” than PS Move, and said “there are massive amounts of support internally” for the device.

People actually involved in some way with Morpheus is huge right now. It’s on a much bigger scale than it ever was for PlayStation Move; I can tell you that. So always people have these fears like, “Oh, it’s not going to get supported like PlayStation Move.” I don’t think that’s the case. There are massive amounts of support internally.

Meanwhile, Director of Sony’s Magic Lab research group Richard Marks explained that no new progress is being made with PS Move, as “it’s not an urgent thing.”

But it’s not like the Move — it’s not like there’s a thing that we know that we’re being held back by, I think, with the Move, that’s like, “Oh, this needs to be fixed.” So I think that’s why it’s not an urgent thing. It’s more like, “If we do change this, we want it to change in a pretty dramatic way,” because right now it is serving the purpose of what we want it to do. It’s like, a slightly better Move I don’t think would help very much.

The VR device is due to come out sometime during the first half of 2016. Do you believe that Project Morpheus will be fully supported throughout its lifetime?

[Source: Polygon]