PS4 Update 3.10 Rolls Out, Allows You to Follow Official Accounts

While the big PlayStation 4 3.00 update hasn’t been out for more than 30 days, Sony has once again rolled out another console firmware patch with PS4 update 3.10. 

Thankfully, it’s not just a stability update but actually adds functionality as well. PS4 update 3.10 lets gamers follow “verified accounts” of game studios and developers, which allows you to keep track of their activities in the “What’s New” section of the PS4 dashboard. New stickers have been added to the PS4 messaging app as well.


You can download PS4 update 3.10 from your PC and upload to a USB device here.

Of course, this doesn’t solve a lot of the issues we had with the 3.00 update. Let’s hope that the niggles or minor additions we want will be patched in soon. For more on the big 3.00 update and how to maximize it, make sure to check the video above.

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