Now Loading…PS4 Update 3.00 Impressions and Joining the PSLS PS4 Community

In case you haven’t turned your PlayStation 4 recently, a new major firmware update will be greeting you with PS4 update 3.00 once you turn the console on and connect it online.

While the list of new features look impressive, they aren’t as refined as we’d like them to be. From the PlayStation Plus tab loading painfully slow, to Communities not even having a way to search specific groups, PS4 update 3.00 has more than its fair share of bumps. In this latest Now Loading entry, the staff talks about our PS4 update 3.00 impressions and some of the things that we didn’t like.

Given that Sony made it  a pain in the ass to join specific PS4 Communities, we’ve decided to roll out a video on how to join the official PlayStation LifeStyle one. Either watch the video below, or click here for the screenshot tutorial.

What do you think of the PS4 update 3.00 features so far? What should Sony fix for 3.01 right away? As always, let us know what you think of it all in the comments below. Make sure to join the PSLS PS4 Community! We’ll sort out gaming sessions and other activities soon.

Now Loading is a recurring staff-driven feature where PlayStation LifeStyle discusses anything video game-related under the sun (yes, even non-Sony platforms).

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