Minecraft Halloween Mash-Up to Be Released on Friday

Minecraft fans who want to get into the Halloween festivities can do so starting this Friday, as the Minecraft Halloween Mash-Up pack will be available for all console platforms on that day.

The pack contains 43 skins, a creepy texture pack you can apply to your other Minecraft worlds, and even an entire world $3.99. Check out the official blurb straight from Mojang:

The skins on offer have something of an old-school Halloween vibe. Here are some examples: Grim Reaper, Bride of Frankenstein, Wicked Witch, Tree Face, Mad Doctor, Swamp Monster and, of course, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As with all our packs, you’ll be able to download a few of them for free.

The Halloween Mashup pack is available this Friday, October 23rd, on all console versions of Minecraft and costs $3.99.

Anyone picking this up? What Minecraft DLC do you want to see next?

[Source: Xbox]