UK Company is Hiring Virtual Landscape Gardeners to Improve Outdoor Spaces for Players in Minecraft

Being paid to play games is a dream to most people, but a UK company is making this a reality for a lucky chosen few. WhatShed is looking to recruit virtual landscape gardeners to help provide advice for Minecraft players wanting to “improve their in-game outdoor space.”

WhatShed is “Britain’s biggest and best garden builders buyers guide” although it seems like they’re looking to diversify into the virtual world. Successful candidates will obviously need to know the ins and outs of Minecraft, but they’ll also need to demonstrate they have a “passion for gardening/the outdoors.” When faced with a client, they’ll need to be able to create multiple designs for them within a set budget “should they desire a redesign in the future.”

The chosen few will be able to earn “upwards of £50 an hour” (just under $70) once they’re hired, although recruits can set their own rates and working hours. The good news is the job is a remote working position, so while the job is for a UK based company, there shouldn’t be anything stopping non-UK residents from applying.

Those wanting to coach players on a PlayStation console will need to be familiar with the Bedrock edition of the game. This gives players access to the Minecraft Marketplace where players can acquire new worlds, skins, mini-games, and mash-up packs. The game was also updated last year to add support for PlayStation VR, as well as cross-play with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and PC players.

Minecraft has been incredibly successful for developer Mojang. Back in 2019, the title was named the best selling game of all time, reaching 176 million copies sold and surpassing the might of Tetris. It was the most viewed game on YouTube the same year, amassing more than 100 billion views. Meanwhile, the entire franchise was the best selling new IP of the past decade in the UK.

[Source: WhatShed via CNN]