GTA Online: Lowriders Event Weekend to Offer Rebates on Houses, a Special Playlist, and More

The Grand Theft Auto V: Lowriders update has just come out, and to celebrate all of the update’s new content, a special event is planned for this weekend. 

Called the GTA Online: Lowriders Event Weekend, players will be able to take advantage of an Event Playlist, a rebate, and more from this Friday, October 23, through Sunday, October 25. The Adversary Modes: Offense Defense, Keep The Pace and Relay, will be in the Event Playlist, and upon completion of the playlist, players can earn the usual cash and RP, as well as a huge cache of ammo.

In terms of the rebate, players will be able to take advantage of a 25 percent rebate on houses with 10-car garages. The official Rockstar Games blog shows how to qualify for the rebate:

All you need to do to qualify for this special limited-time offer is have your email address registered and verified with the Rockstar Games Social Club, be a member of the Rockstar Games Mailing List and a member of at least one Social Club Crew. The cash from the Dynasty 8 rebate will hit your in-game Maze Bank account by Wednesday, October 28th. To fulfill these requirements, login to your Social Club profile. If your profile already meets these three requirements, just visit the Dynasty 8 website in game and purchase your new pad.

Other activities to participate in this weekend include a #Lowriders $1M Snapmatic Contest, Double GTA$ and Double RP on all races for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, and the following content, which can be unlocked by simply logging into the game:

Friday: Magnetics

Saturday: Low Santos

Sunday: Benny’s Original Motor Works

 Will you be participating in this GTA Online event weekend?

[Source: Rockstar Games]