Big Destiny Update 2.0.2 Scheduled for November, Bungie Addressing Iron Banner Rewards & Bounties

After giving us hot fix on Tuesday, Bungie has announced that Destiny update 2.0.2 will arrive in November, by November 26 “if all goes well.”

As 2.0.2 is “the next big update,” some details have been revealed ahead of time, with Design Lead Lars Bakken talking about how Iron Banner rewards are being looked at:

Last week, it was clear to us that you were frustrated by the Iron Banner reward drops, and rightly so! It turns out that, when we started digging into the issue, we uncovered a nasty bug that affected how Legendary drops happen throughout the Crucible, including Iron Banner.

We’re working hard to ensure that the next Iron Banner will work as intended, and be even better than before. These changes will make your entire Crucible career more rewarding. Once the final details are locked, we’ll be sure to share them with you. Thanks for all the feedback, and may the Lords of Iron reward your future bravery.

Additionally, Senior Designer Andrew Weldon said they’re looking at Bounties:

As we continue to review and evaluate the dozens of Bounties in The Taken King, we’ve already identified a few that aren’t quite doing what we want. You’ll be able to read the exact details in the patch notes. In general, we’re going to be addressing some bounties that are too hard to complete, demand too much carnage at once, or put too much requirement on other players.

Our goal is that most Daily Crucible Bounties can be knocked out within a handful of matches. Weekly Bounties and larger scoped event Bounties should require some more commitment and – in some cases – a little extra muscle to accomplish. As with the rest of the game, we’ll be keeping an eye on data as well as your feedback to identify fixes and areas where we can continue to improve and expand our Bounty offerings both in this update and into the future.

Finally, Senior Designer Leif Johansen addressed the new Questline for the Crucible called “Crucible Forged.” Despite their original goals, “it felt really freakin’ long (like, glacially long), the rewards weren’t good enough for the effort, and only awarding progress on winning in certain steps led to frustration and quitting.”

In the future, the Questline will be shorter, completing matches will give you progress in most cases, you’ll have more freedom to choose how to complete it, and you can complete multiple Quests all at once.

As for some events, King’s Fall Hard Mode goes live today, October 23, at 10am PT/1pm ET. According to Bungie, Hard Mode “is going to upset that rhythm” you may have learned already.

Then, on October 30, Trials of Osiris will return.

[Source: Bungie]