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Versus – Call of Duty Developers: Infinity Ward vs. Treyarch vs. Sledgehammer Games

It’s once again time for another dose of Versus here on PlayStation LifeStyle! For this episode, we’re pitting Activision’s stable of Call of Duty studios against each other. Yep, it’s a Treyarch vs Infinity Ward vs Sledgehammer Games match on just who the best Call of Duty developer is!

Bear in mind, we are basing the studios based on what it has done recently and what it can bring to the table moving forward. We’ve also accounted for Infinity Ward’s big studio “reshuffling” in 2010 when most of it senior developers and studio heads Jason West and Vince Zampella left to form Respawn.

Which Call of Duty studio is now the top dog in the Activision kennel? Watch the video to find out.

Do you agree with our pick? Which studio’s version of Call of Duty do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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 Versus is PlayStation LifeStyle’s recurring video series where we we pit a game, franchise, basically anything game-related against another and pick a winner.

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