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Versus – Is Battlefront Too Much Like Battlefield? We Break It Down

In this episode of Versus, we’re not exactly picking a winner, but we are matching up two games made by the same developer, DICE. While the Swedish studio has carved a name for itself with the Battlefield franchise, it’s set to release its first take on the Star Wars license with Star Wars Battlefront.

With both franchises relying on the same things like an expansive battlefield, vehicles, high player count and more, one wonders if DICE “borrowed” a little too much in its interpretation of Battlefront. After getting a lot of hands-on time with the Star Wars Battlefront beta, we now have a firmer grasp at just what DICE did. Do we think they “reskinned” Battlefield or is Star Wars Battlefront its own game? We weigh in and give you our thoughts.

Do you agree with our assessment? If you had your way, would you rather DICE developed a Battlefield game with Star Wars flavoring or are you happy with the direction the studio has taken based on the beta? Sound off and let us know.

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