Destiny Festival of the Lost Event Starts Today, New Paid Emotes Available

Running from October 26 – November 9, Festival of the Lost is a live event available to all Destiny: The Taken King owners, offering up new Quests, Consumable items, themed Gear, and paid Eververse items, with the Tower decorated for the occasion.

As Bungie adds on their website, “Festival-themed activities and most non-Legendary quality items will no longer be available once the event is over.” These items include Bags (Gifts of the Lost), Rare Masks, Candy (Festival-specific consumables), Paper Scraps, and Glue, while Festival of the Lost Emotes and Treasures of the Lost will no longer be available for purchase at the Eververse Trading Co.

Speaking of Eververse, you can now use Silver to purchase these items:


  • Zombie Dance – 700 Silver
  • Monster Dance – 500 Silver
  • Boo – 300 Silver

Treasures of the Lost

  • One – 200 Silver
  • Three – 500 Silver
  • Six – 900 Silver

Open a treasure bag to reveal its contents. Festival of the Lost 2015 Guaranteed Contents: Random Legendary Mask x1 Possible Contents: Paper Glue x1 Jackolyte x1 Flight of Shadows x1 Skull Mask x1 Random Festival Candy x2 Paper Scraps x1 This item is nonreturnable.

The Zombie Dance emote is unavailable to purchase on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

If you received Paper Glue and Paper Scraps, they can be used to turn Rare (Blue) Masks into Legendary (Purple) versions of the Masks.

Bungie explained the difference between the two Masks, which can be worn in social spaces, Crucible, or Destination Activities:

  • Rare Masks are only available during the Festival of the Lost. Once the Festival has ended, these Masks will no longer be available. Rare Masks can be obtained from the Gift of the Lost items.
  • Legendary Masks can only be acquired during the Festival of the Lost, but can be worn after the Festival has ended. Legendary Masks can be obtained in two ways: Purchasing a Treasure of the Lost from the Eververse Trading Co. grants 1 Legendary Mask per Treasure; Rare Masks can be crafted into Legendary Masks. This is done by turning in the appropriate Rare Mask, Paper Scraps, and Paper Glue to Eva Levante in Tower North.

You can learn more about Festival of the Lost by following the links below.

[Source: Bungie (Festival of the Lost, Eververse), Mr. Fruit (Twitter)]