Mad Max Update Today Includes Map Fixes, Performance Improvements

A month after the previous update, Warner Bros and Avalanche have released a new Mad Max update today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Featuring a number of fixes, including performance and map improvements, here’s the full list of patch notes for Mad Max that apply to all platforms:

  • Map improvements and fixes.
  • Fixed a problem with a draw bridge’s winch in Great Watcher.
  • Fixed an instance where The Jaw’s locks couldn’t be destroyed.
  • Fixed several issues involving projects in Strongholds
  • Improved performance in several locations
  • Corrected a couple of annoying softlock issues
  • Corrected how Warcriers would suddenly stop doing their job if Max would leave the area and then come back without disposing of them.
  • Fixed a camera problem in some instances
  • Fixed an instance where Insignias wouldn’t be accurately tracked after being destroyed.
  • Polish of collision meshes against the certain terrain and objects
  • Fixed a couple of persistent UI issues
  • Corrected the momentary inability to use Fast Travel after certain Wasteland Missions.
  • General bug fixes

Win64 specific updates include Steam Controller support and more fixes.

As the NPD revealed last week, Mad Max finished in 8th at retail during September in the United States, placing between Disney Infinity 3.0 and NHL 16.

[Source: WB Games]