Tactical RPG Dragon Fin Soup Comes to PS4, PS3 & PS Vita on November 3

Announced earlier today as part of the November 2015 PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, Dragon Fin Soup from Grimm Bros is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita on November 3 in North America and Europe, complete with cross-buy.

In development for three years by five developers, Dragon Fin Soup is a “tactical-action RPG with roguelike elements set in a twisted tongue-in-cheek fairytale world,” complete with a 2D top-down camera and turn-based movement.

Playing as Red Robin, a raging alcoholic bounty hunter, you must set out across the fantasy world of Asura (that sits on the back of an enormous space turtle) to discover the secrets of her past.

Co-Founder Ash Monif revealed some of the features you can expect in Dragon Fin Soup:

  • Superfluid turn-based tactical combat
  • Raging alcoholic bounty hunter heroine
  • Traces of dark majesty from the original Grimm tales
  • New procedurally-generated world each time you play
  • Mercenaries for hire and awesome pets to collect
  • Over 60+ hours of gameplay in Story, Survival, and Labyrinth modes
  • Gorgeous 2D world, all created by award winning artist Randis Albion

If Dragon Fin Soup proves to be successful, Grimm Bros hopes to expand the world and listen to your feedback, while also creating more RPGs in the future.

[Source: PS Blog]