The Handler of Dragons

Action RPG The Handler of Dragons Lets Players Speak to Dragons in a Fantasy World, Coming to PS5 and PS4

Indie developer Jerzy Caliński and publisher Golden Eggs Studio have announced that their 3D action role-playing game, The Handler of Dragons, will release on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2022. The game is currently in early access on Steam, with Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions planned for the future.

Caliński has been developing The Handler of Dragons for over three years, according to a press release. The game puts players in the shoes of a warrior residing in a fantasy world who can communicate with dragons. Gameplay features include exploration and discovery, magic and skill, and a moral choice system.

“When developing The Handler of Dragons, I set myself the goal of combining an intriguing adventure and fun gameplay with some degree of depth, so that perhaps players could take something more out of this game,” Caliński said. In this context, the moral choices made in the game and their outcomes play an important role, because you will have to face the consequences of your decisions.”

An official overview is as follows:

In the RPG game The Handler of Dragons you play as a warrior who can speak to the dragons. How did it happen? What will be the consequences?

The adventure begins…

During adventures, you will meet various people and creatures. You will choose whether you want to become a friend of dragons or their slayer.

Are you going to protect dragons at all costs?

How far will you go to obtain their power?

Manage relations with your relatives and see how they will help you (or not) along your journey. For instance, if your wife can fight on your side if you develop a good relationship with her.

As you proceed you’ll be given a chance to improve: learn new skills, magic attacks, and others. You decide.

Check out a trailer below.