Fallout 4 Development Started With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Being Ported to Xbox One

How would you have started developing Fallout 4? By porting The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to Xbox One? No? Well, that’s how Bethesda Game Studios has done it!

Todd Howard, Director of Fallout 4, divulged this information to Game Informer‘s Andrew Reiner last month. Explaining the initial development process, Howard said, “The first thing we did was port Skyrim to Xbox One.”

However, this is not confirmation that Skyrim will be coming to now-gen consoles, I’m afraid, as Howard himself warned, “Don’t get your hopes up yet.”

As a way of quickly getting to grips with the new Xbox One hardware, the Fallout 4 development team used Skyrim to test the waters. This familiar game provided the feedback needed to get started on the new Fallout title.

The final Xbox One build of the game was likely unsuitable for public consumption, but here’s hoping that it will one day gets a bit of polish and make its way over to the PlayStation 4!

[Source: Game Informer]