Alekhine’s Gun Release Date Delayed to February 9, 2016

Previously scheduled to launch next week on November 10, Maximum Games announced today that Alekhine’s Gun has been delayed and will now release worldwide on February 9, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

A Cold War stealth game, Alekhine’s Gun was delayed so Maximum Games could give it a full global launch, according to CEO Christina Seelye:

With Alekhine’s Gun being our first intellectual property as publishers, we want its unveiling to match the excitement generated around this title. Given the support we are seeing from gamers around the globe who are eagerly awaiting Alekhine’s Gun, we feel this game deserves an all-encompassing worldwide launch.

Here’s the description for Alekhine’s Gun:

Alekhine’s Gun takes place during the Cold War – from the end of WWII through the 1960s – and puts players in the shoes of ex-KGB assassin, Agent Alekhine, as he teams up with the CIA to unravel a deadly conspiracy. Featuring classic stealth maneuvers, choice-based gameplay, wide-open levels, and a range of weapons and disguises, Alekhine’s Gun adds an intriguing layer to the stealth genre by placing characters in a historical framework.

Explore 11 Wide-Open Levels

  • Through 11 levels set in both military and civilian locations, Alekhine will have to fight and sneak his way through highly protected zones to complete objectives.
  • Enjoy the lush realism of the historical setting in levels set in Europe, America, and Cuba.
  • Each immersive, non-linear level will contain multiple routes to success, rewarding players who take the time to explore and optimize their strategy.
  • Hidden rooms and paths will help the sharp-eyed player, increasing stealth rankings, unlocking more weapons, and providing more stealthy approaches to each mission.

The website for Alekhine’s Gun also promises “free DLC coming soon,” but doesn’t offer any details.