Steam Machines Outmatch PS4, Xbox One in Power and Value, According to Gabe Newell

In only a few days’ time, Valve will stake a claim for the living room with the release of its bespoke Steam Machines, and the company’s CEO Gabe Newell believes the hardware can compete with PS4 — and then some. 

When asked about the current state of the competition, Newell claimed that his array of pre-built PCs offer more bang for your buck when compared with today’s consoles.  

At console price points, we’re going to have machines like Alienware’s, which are faster than today’s consoles. So the same price point as today, except you get better performance and you’re connected to everything you like about the PC and the Internet.

Available in 13 different variations, the tiers range in price from Alienware’s entry-level rig for $449 to the more high-end $999 any beyond. At the time of writing, specifications for each hardware are yet to be finalized, meaning that the core debate over Steam Machines and consoles likely won’t be settled for some time yet. 

Valve’s Steam Machines will launch on November 10, but can they really compete for the lion’s share of the living room?

[Source: Develop]