Capcom: Developing Games for PlayStation VR Not off the Table

Japanese publisher Capcom has revealed it “will consider” developing games for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset. 

That’s according to the company’s recent Q&A session with investors, where it noted that its division is currently testing “many types of hardware,” and it is open to releasing virtual reality games on new platforms. 

Our R&D operations are working on technologies for many types of hardware. We will consider the possibility of creating technology demonstrations and making versions of titles under development for these new platforms.

Though Capcom didn’t reference PlayStation VR by name, the question of developing games for Sony’s head-mounted device was put forth by an investor, to which the publisher replied: 

 At this time, we have not announced any plans for specific products or the timing of a product launch.

At this time, Sony is yet to lock down a specific release date for the headset formerly known as Project Morpheus, though we do know it’s expected in the first half of 2016.

As for Capcom, the publisher remained mum on the specifics of its VR development plans. Indeed it’s still up for question whether it intends to unveil a Resident Evil or Street Fighter for the platform, or create new experiences entirely in the vein of VR horror demo Kitchen.

[Source: Capcom]