Psyonix Wants to Add “Major Feature Updates” to Rocket League

Having experienced a lot of success with Rocket League, Psyonix wants to continue supporting the game by “mixing things up,” and adding “major feature updates” that will change the nature of the game. During an interview with Red Bull, CEO Dave Hagewood was asked whether the studio had a roadmap for the future considering how surprisingly successful the game is, to which he said that the team has “a lot of really cool ideas” that they’d like to implement.

We’re going to keep doing a lot of the same stuff, but we have a lot of really cool ideas for things to add in the future, things to really mix things up, as you can see with the Mutator Pack that’s just come out. We want to add major feature updates to really change the nature of the game.

Hagewood revealed that post-release plans for Rocket League changed to quite an extent when it became a hit following its launch on the PlayStation 4 – something the studio wasn’t expecting. Not at this scale, anyway. But now, the developers are able to work on the game for a living.

We always had the plan of continually updating it with DLC packs, new cars and new items and maps and things like that, but we didn’t know how much we could sustain. Our intention was to do that with the original game as well: we did a few, and then we realised there just weren’t as many people as we wanted supporting the game, it just wasn’t paying off. That’s completely changed now: we can now pull things off big time. What’s exciting about that is that we have a real business model: we can actually make Rocket League for a living, which is kind of all of our dream job as developers.

Speaking about Psyonix’s partnership with Sony, Hagewood said that he was fortunate to have found an account manager who was a fan of SARPBC (Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars), and who he also gives credit for pushing Rocket League “hard within Sony” and believing it had potential. He believes that releasing the game via PlayStation Plus was “the spark that really set everything off.”

We’re certainly happy to hear that! 

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[Source: Red Bull]