Star Wars Battlefront Lets You Play as Darth Vader While It Installs

Regardless if it’s a digital game or an actual disc, most games require to be installed these days and more often than not, it lasts for minutes — if not hours — which, to be frank, is a pain in the ass.

This is the same for Star Wars Battlefront, sadly, but developer DICE made the installation wait just a tad easier to stomach. While you’re waiting, the game will load up a mini game where the player can be Darth Vader and dispose as many Rebel scum as he can! Granted, it’s just one level (Hoth hangar) and you can’t die, but it’s still better than just looking at an “installing…” screen, right? And this is also a good way to brush up on how to play as Star Wars’ most iconic villain just in case you pick the Hero power up in the game.

The mini game is said to initiate once you’ve installed at least 18 percent of the entire game in your console’s HD (Xbox One in this case). No experience points or credits can be earned in this little mini game, but it’s still an awesome move by DICE nonetheless, no? Let’s hope other devs follow suit.

In case you’re wondering, the game sizes for Star Wars Battlefront is already known, as is the game’s day one patch, too.

Make sure to check back within the day for our Star Wars Battlefront PS4 impressions. Our final review will be published early next week.

[Source: Eurogamer]