Norman Reedus Has Faith in a Kojima and del Toro Collaboration Following Silent Hills Cancellation

The hills aren’t going to remain silent, it seems. It’s been a while since the cancellation of Silent Hills was announced, but Norman Reedus doesn’t want to call it quits. In a new interview with IGN, Reedus has said that he’s “super bummed” about what happened but he has faith that he, Hideo Kojima, and del Toro can do “something else.”

I’m super bummed that that happened back in Japan, but I have faith. I have faith that we, the three of us, can do something else.

Reedus referred to Kojima and del Toro as “geniuses” at one point, revealing that the cancellation resulted in the loss of some really cool ideas. In fact, they were cool enough for Reedus to see something becoming of them.

There were so many ideas and cool future happenings that were thrown around. I just can’t see us not picking this up somewhere.

The internet buzz about [Silent Hills] happening was so huge. I’ve never seen anything like it; petitions with a hundred thousand people that signed it, petitions to please make it happen, that’s crazy. That’s a crazy fanbase for not just that video game but also those people making that video game, and for me to jump on that truck with them, I was like, ‘Holy balls. It has to happen. You need to do this.’

When asked about what actually exists of the doomed game, Reedus wasn’t too sure. However, he did say that the development team did a lot of photography with “a thousand cameras pointing out you.” Either that material is sitting “on a cutting room floor” somewhere, or “in someone’s hard drive” somewhere. “We never got into the full story stuff. We were about to and that water balloon burst,” he explained.

Despite everything, Reedus believes that the trio needs to work together and come to some form of an agreement because “it’s like destiny.”

We hope a collaboration does happen, Reedus! 

Do our readers have any ideas about what they can work on?

[Source: IGN]