Analyst Michael Pachter Believes PlayStation VR Offers “Humongous Value” Over Competitors

While Sony is yet to officially nail down a price or even a concrete release date, industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that PlayStation VR is set to succeed based on its reliance on PS4 hardware along with the console’s install base. 

That’s despite intense competition, too; in fact, Pachter mentions during his analysis that Oculus Rift will find an audience via Facebook. As for price, however, the Wedbush expert speculated that PS VR is “unlikely to cost more than Oculus” when its consumer-ready model launches in 2016, considering that most of the processing power is leveraged with PS4. 

Whatever the headset costs, it’s unlikely to cost more than Oculus, unlikely to cost more than Magic Leap, but you’ve already got the built-in console CPU/GPU combination that’s already hooked up to the internet, already works, already does whatever you need to do. And so that processing power has humongous value.

Pachter’s report also points to the PS4’s install base, which will in all likelihood balloon past 40 million units sold in time for PS VR’s launch – if not more so. 

Overall, though, he wagers that PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift are the two virtual reality devices that are most likely to succeed upon hitting the market. Do you agree?

[Source: Pachter Factor]