Street Fighter V Tutorial Mode Includes a Mini Story

Capcom has released a new video for Street Fighter V, and it showcases the game’s tutorial mode. While a fighting game having a tutorial mode isn’t new, Street Fighter V breaks out of the norm with a short story during Ken and Ryu’s early days studying Shotokan Karate.

Clocking in at just three minutes long, this Street Fighter V tutorial mode video has Ryu and Ken appearing as young versions of their SFV counterparts (think: SF Alpha days), and even Gouken makes an appearance! The animation is done by Bengus, whom Capcom Wiki describes as, “a Japanese illustrator, character designer, and game creator. He is mainly known for being one of Capcom‘s most famous main designers from the company’s early days.”

Street Fighter V will be released in February 16 on the PC and PlayStation 4.

[Source: Gematsu]