Jenny LeClue: Detectivú Explores a Murder Mystery on PS4 in 2016

Successfully Kickstarted in August 2014, Jenny LeClue: Detectivú from Mografi was announced for PlayStation 4 today with a 2016 release date.

A story-focused exploration adventure game, Jenny LeClue: Detectivú sees you playing as Jenny, a brilliant young detective living in the unexciting town of Arthurton. When her mother is accused of murder though, Jenny takes the case and begins to uncover the truth in a dangerous journey filled with unseen forces who will stop at nothing to keep her from the truth.

Creator Joe Russ talked about what makes Jenny LeClue unique:

Jenny LeClue weaves a story-within-a-story where the players influence the outcome. Jenny’s world exists in a series of adventure books that author Arthur K. Finklestein has created. The author acts as narrator and guide. Together, you, Jenny, and the author all influence each other. Players will make choices in their individual game, and some of those choices will permanently affect the way we write later chapters. So we all own a part in creating Jenny’s story!

Jenny LeClue is a strong female protagonist, surrounded by a diverse cast of characters. She’s a brilliant young detective, sharp eyed, intuitive and a ruthless pursuer of the truth. As Jenny, you will rely on your keen detective’s intuition during conversations. Search suspects for revealing clues, proving their guilt or innocence and opening new dialogue options.

Mografi, a team of three, envisions Jenny LeClue as a trilogy that rewards exploration and curiosity at every turn, with the story changing based on player decisions. For this first release, the game will support “cool interactions using the unique features of PS4.”

If you’re hoping for a PlayStation Vita version, Russ said, “We really want to bring Jenny LeClue to Vita, but we also want to ensure that we can provide a proper experience before we announce anything official.”

Mografi will be demoing Jenny LeClue at PlayStation Experience next month.

[Source: PS Blog]