Hop Into Jenny LeClue: Detectivu’s World of Mystery Later in 2019

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Jenny LeClue: Detectivú received a full blown unveiling in 2015, complete with a teaser trailer. At the time, it was set to arrive on an unspecified date in 2016. Obviously, this didn’t occur. Since then, Mografi has only shown the mystery title a handful of times. Now the small development team is ready to get this labor of love out the door. Jenny LeClue will hit GOG and Steam in just a few days on September 19th. An Apple Arcade release is planned soon thereafter. Finally, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch fans can jump into the adventure on a yet to be revealed date later in 2019.

After announcing details about Jenny LeClue’s coming release, Mografi also unleashed a brand-new trailer. For a taste of the mysterious adventure ahead, check out the game’s latest look in the video down below:

Set in the town of Arthurton, Jenny LeClue: Detectivú sees aspiring young detective Jenny become embroiled in a tangled web of mystery. At the heart of the adventure is a murder case, one wherein the protagonist’s mother has been accused of the heinous crime. While searching for the truth, Jenny finds that not everything in Arthurton is quite as it seems. Apparently, there are forces working against the young detective.

Players will have plenty to explore while trying to crack the case. When searching the game’s handmade world, players should expect to stumble across a wide variety of secrets, insights, and more. As far as the detective aspects are concerned, such gameplay mechanics will be especially involved. While speaking with the diverse cast of characters, Jenny will question Arthurton citizens and be able to pay close attention to their behavior to determine whether or not they are being honest. The decisions you make will impact Jenny’s story and likely those of the people around her.

[Source: Mografi via Gematsu]