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“Crowd Publishing” Website Launched to Counter Crowdfunding Failures

A “diverse” group of video game industry veterans have launched in response to “broken” crowdfunding processes. In a press release announcing its launch, the Texas-based website has described itself as a “revolutionary crowd publishing platform” that aims to “redefine the crowdfunding landscape,” and doesn’t solely focus on funding projects. CEO Ruben Cortez wrote:

In the traditional crowdfunding model for videogames, consumers play the role of a pay-and-pray bystander, often backing games that never get made. BrightLocker will ensure that every game that gets funded actually gets made and published. We use the power of the crowd to put the ‘fun’ in funding, engaging with users throughout the entire development process, giving gamers the chance to imagine, choose, create, play and even earn money.

BrightLocker is also attempting to attract developers by helping to make development more cost-efficient.

Crowdpublishing on BrightLocker allows developers to work on games ‘pre-approved’ by gamers, reducing user acquisition cost and making development more efficient, dramatically increasing a title’s chances of being a hit product. The games on BrightLocker are not limited to any one platform.

BrightLocker is set to launch in 2016. The website will soon be undergoing a closed beta test, sign-ups for which are now live.