Nier: Automata Isn’t Called Nier: Android Because Taro Yoko Didn’t Want Any Trouble With Google

In issue 287 of EDGE magazine, Nier: Automata Director, Taro Yoko, has revealed that he initially wanted to call the game Nier: Android, but he was worried about getting into legal trouble with Google over its trademark. He also said that since the team hadn’t decided on a title by E3 2015, it had to conduct its presentation without one.

Because it’s a story about androids, I wanted to call it Nier: Android. Obviously Google’s for the trademark [on Android] and we were worried about it. There was no title fixed by the time E3 came, so we had to do the presentation without.

Yoko went on to say that Automata is a “very good title” regardless as “it’s representative because it covers all kinds of meanings.”

Nier: Automata is scheduled for release in 2016 for the PlayStation 4. 

[Source: EDGE #287 via Videogamer]