Batman: Arkham Knight Update 1.11 Is Live, Adds New DLC Support & More

With all of the November 2015 DLC releasing tomorrow, Rocksteady has deployed Batman: Arkham Knight update 1.11 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which comes in at around 1.8GB.

Adding support for all that new DLC, as well as Predator character switching and more, here’s what today’s Batman: Arkham Knight update brought:


  • Robin can now Quickfire Explosive Gel with R2, R2, plus Special Combo version in the usual way.
  • Azrael now has Detective Mode and the Disruptor.
  • All three DLC characters now have Critical Strikes, FreeFlow Focus Mk II, Blade Dodge Takedown, and armor upgrades.
  • Harley and Batgirl now have Aerial Juggle and Special Combo Boost (RH already had these).
  • Batgirl has new Special Combo moves: Multi Ground Takedown, Disarm and Destroy, Batarang, Explosive Gel, and Batclaw.
  • Batgirl also has Batclaw Super Slam and Batclaw Weapon Disarm.

Bug Fixes

  • Suit damage glitch has been fixed – you can now swap away from and back to the v8.03 and still see damage in story mode
  • ‘Knightfall glitch’ has been fixed – you no longer get an objective marker for the GCPD roof despite already triggering the Knightfall Protocol

New Content

  • GCPD Lockdown AR Challenges: Shark Bait, round-based combat in the dock building, and Jailbreak, the GCPD predator environment
  • Predator Character Switch: Select character on non-Dual Play predator maps, with unique objectives.

You can learn more about the November 2015 DLC over here, which includes Batman v Superman content, Catwoman’s Revenge, and Flip of a Coin.

[Source: WB Forums, GearNuke]