Beyond: Two Souls PS4 vs PS3 Gameplay Analysis Shows a Steady 30fps, Improved Lighting

Calling it “one of the more justifiable cases” for a remaster, Digital Foundry took a look at Beyond: Two Souls on PlayStation 4, comparing it to the PlayStation 3 version in a frame-rate test.

As part of their test, Digital Foundry confirms that the PS4 version is running at 1080p (1920×817), which is an improvement over the 720p on PS3 that also saw some rough edges. Additionally, Beyond: Two Souls on PS3 dropped to 25 frames-per-second or lower at regular intervals, but as they add:

Now thankfully PS4 clears all of this up with a far better grade of performance. With superior shadow resolution, improved lighting, and higher precision depth of field and motion blur effects too, the PS3 original definitely gets a worthwhile upgrade here… all signs point to PS4 delivering the team’s intended vision, with fewer compromises.

Still packing the cinematic borders of the original, it hits 30fps on PS4 “at a far more stable rate” than PS3 and sees the stutters “almost entirely” removed.

From 4:05 until the end, you can see un-narrated PS4 vs PS3 gameplay, though be warned as it does contain spoilers.

As for Quantic Dream’s other PS3 game getting a PS4 remaster, Heavy Rain will be released digitally in March 2016, with Europe getting a retail version with both games at the same time.

[Source: Digital Foundry (YouTube)]