Ubisoft Reflects on For Honor Closed Alpha, Fantasy Title Built to Have “Long-Term Appeal”

In the wake of the game’s closed alpha, Ubisoft has published a blog post about all things For Honor, assessing the status of the fantasy title and how it plans to implement various tweaks based on player feedback.

Those who participated in said test gained access to a “small work-in-progress slice” of the final experience, and Ubisoft Community Developer Emile Gauthier highlighted three points of discussion coming out of the closed alpha. 

First up, Gauthier targeted the accessibility of Ubisoft Montreal’s sword-fighting new IP, and how the studio is building For Honor to have “long-term appeal.”

We also want For Honor to have long-term appeal, so we want to create enough depth and content to keep players engaged for as long as possible. It’s paramount that we manage to build a true easy-to-learn/hard-to-master experience that will please new and seasoned players alike

As for balancing, the post then went on to detail the primary mode featured in the recent closed alpha. Entitled Dominion, the multiplayer mode is billed as a 4v4 objective-based experience that also includes NPCs, and Gauthier believes it “was a good testing ground for how our multiplayer components work together on a larger scale.”

Lastly, Ubisoft’s evaluation touched based with the issue of diversity within For Honor; specifically, the game’s leading factions and how they differentiate from one another. Of the two included in the early build — Legion and Chosen — Gauthier revealed that early feedback was overly positive.

In the post-alpha survey, 89.04% of respondents agreed that playing as the swift, offense-driven Oni felt like a different experience than the more all-around, defense-capable Warden.

For Honor is yet to find a release date for PlayStation 4. 

[Source: Ubisoft]