For Honor Weekly Content Update Highlights Olympics-Themed Emotes

Ubisoft has continued to supply For Honor with a steady diet of updates since the game initially launched, and that continues this week. To celebrate another week of additional content, Ubisoft has released another For Honor Weekly Content Update video, showcasing some of the new emotes that For Honor has been given.

While it might not be a ton of new content into the game, new emotes will have players spicing up their taunting skills after a hard fought win. As a special treat to the players, and due to the Olympics on the horizon, it seems as if most of the emotes added are all references to Winter Olympic sports, including curling, skating, and more. Check the video above to preview them all!

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On top of becoming all too familiar with Ubisoft’s artificially controlled partners, I also found myself on the receiving end of a lot of matchmaking errors. This would often occur after a match had ended, and the game was supposed to carry players into another game. After voting on a map, and waiting for over a minute, I’d get a screen telling me there weren’t enough members in the session and it’d break the group apart instead of waiting for one more player to join. Simply getting into a match can feel like a hassle at times, and that ends up providing a really poor user experience.

Judging by how Ubisoft has handled support for past multiplayer games (like Rainbow Six Siege), I’m confident that some of For Honor‘s issues will get rectified down the line. Gameplay can be tweaked, matchmaking enhanced, and better modes can all be added over time. However, as the game stands right now it’s more of a proof of concept than a fully realized idea. There’s a great base to build upon mechanically, but it’s too rough around the edges to shine as bright as it should.

For Honor is available now.