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For Honor Getting Cross-Play Five Years After Launch

For Honor cross-play support is all set to go live five years after the game’s release. Starting March 17th, the first phase of the feature will be deployed alongside Year 6 Season 1: Golden Age. In this phase, cross-play will be enabled in matchmaking for PVP and PVE modes across PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC.

For Honor cross-play details

For Honor has no shortage of players, if its ongoing support is any indication, but those who enable cross-play will see improved matchmaking times. The caveat is that player skill ratings will be reset for recalibration, so you might end up being matched with players of varying skill levels initially. Additionally, since the feature is still in its infancy, in-game voice chat will be disabled for cross-play matches. Once technical issues have been smoothed out, Ubisoft will reintroduce voice chat. In the interim, you’ll have to use quick text options available on all platforms.

As far as Phase 2 is concerned, it’ll focus on extending cross-play to group play. “Your friends’ platform of choice will no longer be a blocker when looking to play together,” Ubisoft wrote. More details will be announced in due course. “Phase 1 was ready to be deployed and we expect it to have a positive impact on the players’ matchmaking experience and therefore felt no need to delay its release for alignment with group play intended in Phase 2,” the developer added.

You don’t need to do anything on your end. On March 17th, cross-play will be automatically enabled for all players. However, if you don’t want to avail the feature, you can turn it off. The option to do so is available in the Settings menu under ‘Online.’

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