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Genre Gems – Syphon Filter

Welcome to the premiere episode of Genre Gems, PlayStation LifeStyle’s new video series that celebrates some of the very best games — past, present and future — within any given genre. 

From first-person shooters to platformers, adventure titles to survival horror, we’re aiming to build up a catalog of greatness over the coming weeks. And as this is a new feature we invite you to leave feedback along with your own suggestions on which games deserve the spotlight.

On the eve of PlayStation Experience 2015, we’re casting our minds back to Sony Bend’s original Syphon Filter. Released in 1999, the stealth gem proved to be one of the early frontrunners of the genre, and if rumors are to be believed we could be seeing it make a triumphant return in only a few days’ time. 

What are your fondest memories from the original Syphon Filter? Indeed do you believe the series is on the verge of making a return? Leave your impressions using the comments or contact us directly via [email protected]

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