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Sony Trademarks Syphon Filter Again in Europe

A new entry or just a refiling?

Genre Gems – Syphon Filter

Time to grab those rose-tinted glasses!

What We Expect From Sony’s First-Party Studios at E3 2015

What will light up the stage at the Los Angeles Convention Center?

PlayStation Icons: The Newbies vs. The Old Guard

The generation game.

Syphon Filter Reboot “Would Have to be Fresh,” Says Dev

Please reboot Syphon Filter!

Sony Bend’s Vita Game to Have Online Multiplayer, Suggests Job Listing

Uncharted: Platinum Abyss.

Another AAA Vita Game in Development at Sony Bend

Syphon Filter or Uncharted?

The Original Syphon Filter “Came Close To Being Canceled Several Times”

Seems like Syphon Filter 4 was actually canceled.

Syphon Filter Rumored to be in Works for Vita

There is a new rumor floating around via the November 2011 issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine UK, stating that a new Syphon Filter is currently in development for the PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Release Horizon 05/31/10

May is almost over which means the prime-time of summer is officiallyRead the full article…

Brink Squeezing PlayStation 3’s Potential

In an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Splash Damage’s Creative Director, Richard Ham, talked about the high-caliber talent working on the game, and why PS3 fans should get excited.

Gabe Logan’s Shadow Set to Infiltrate PS2 in June

Sony’s exclusive Syphon Filter series has been a popular action series whichRead the full article…

What Does Sony Have Up Their Sleeve?

With Sony expending nearly all of their major titles so early on in the year, what does that leave for the second half of 2010? What does Sony have up their sleeve?

PSLS 2010 PlayStation Predictions

Check out our PS3, PSP, and PSN predictions for 2010..

PSOne Classics Get Odd

ESRB, yet again, you have rated some classic PSone titles for goodRead the full article…

PSP Review – Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow

The Syphon Filter series has been a staple of the PlayStation sinceRead the full article…

Syphon Filter 5 and SOCOM 4 Listings Corrected

A rumor was posted yesterday that shared details that Syphon Filter 5Read the full article…

SOCOM 4, Syphon Filter 5 Listed as in Development

If you’ve already read the title, then you may have had theRead the full article…

Check Your Inbox – Syphon Filter Codes Are Being Sent

Written by Paulmichael If you bought the latest issue of the QoreRead the full article…

Syphon Filter Sneaking on to PS3 Soon?

Written by Richard Gabe Logan has been MIA from the PS3 soRead the full article…