Bend Studio is Seeking a New Hire for Its Next AAA Project, and it Might be on PS4

Bend Studio just pushed one AAA project out the door with the launch of Days Gone. Yet, the Oregon-based developer is already gearing up for its next big game. This news comes courtesy of a Producer job listing recently posted on the studio’s LinkedIn page.

The listing asks that applicants be competent with tasks typical of producer roles, such as project management and the like. Bend Studio wants to bring in someone especially passionate about game making, who can help the team craft its “next AAA title that will set the PS4 apart from the rest!” Mention of PlayStation 4 hardware somewhat stands out, as Sony has cursorily outlined its next-generation plans. However, it is possible Bend Studio simply cannot say anything about the next PlayStation. Or, it could be an honest mistake, as well as any number of other reasons for mentioning the PS4 specifically. Even with the PS5 on its way, Sony plans to support the PS4 for a few years at least.

As one would expect, the listing offers no clues as to what Bend Studio has up its sleeve. Might the team soon begin work on a new IP? A sequel to Days Gone, perhaps? It is honestly anyone’s guess at this point, but a few teases in Days Gone have fans hoping the team’s next project is related to Syphon Filter. Throughout the recently release open-world title, players come across IPCA Tech, collectibles conspicuously referencing the classic PlayStation 1 franchise. In fact, there are a few other moments in Days Gone that suggest it’s set in the world of Syphon Filter. Are they hints at what may be on the horizon for Bend Studio’s future?

Days Gone hit store shelves this past April. Despite middling review scores and a seemingly mixed audience reaction, the title has sold pretty well. According to NPD, as of May, Days Gone counts as the eighth best-selling game in the US in 2019 thus far.

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