PlayStation Icons: The Newbies vs. The Old Guard

Whether you’re a newcomer to the vibrant, neon-blue ecosystem or a veteran of all things PlayStation, Sony’s prestigious brand has been a cornerstone of the industry for just over 20 years, spanning four home consoles, two flagship handhelds and an innumerable amount of games.

It’s a legacy that we have and will continue to track throughout the course of our Inventing an Icon theme, the undisputed all-stars of the PlayStation roster — even if said mascots didn’t make the cut for SuperBot’s eponymous brawler.

With two decades’ worth of software to consider, selecting your absolute favorite is no mean feat, but how do Sony’s most-prized assets stand when compared to one another? Those characters that stood alongside us as we escaped RuptureFarms, traversed Shadow Moses and uncovered long-lost treasure in a way that would have made Indiana Jones proud.

A Hero Was Born

For the purpose of this admittedly subjective feature, let’s recount the greatest mascots in PlayStation history. But before delving into the nitty gritty, we’ll divide the burgeoning roster into two camps relative to their respective age. As such, The Old Guard will consist of established icons found across PSOne, PS2 and the PSP, while the other corner will host The Newbies, a youthful bunch boasting pixelated heroes from PS3, PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

It’s also worth noting that while quantifying an icon’s staying power is a tricky butterfly to pin, we will do so by first listing the elements that cement its status as a mascot, gauge whether it holds up today — or indeed if the character will still be around in five years’ time — and ultimately, how the two factions compare when all is said and done.

Finally, the gallery below will delegate the icons based on their first foray into the PlayStation ecosystem. As such, the likes of Solid Snake, Abe and Kratos will enlist in The Old Guard, despite appearing on multiple platforms since their inception all those years ago.

So, without further ado, let’s get to work sifting through PlayStation’s family of mascots.

Whatever your opinion on those mascots discussed, the best possible outcome for both Sony and its community is to ensure a future that supports a mix of old and new. Whether that means bringing back either Spyro or Crash for a bout of old-school platforming goodness, all the while ensuring new IPs are created regularly, will ultimately be decided in time. Either way, it’s the player who emerges as the winner.

So, do you side with the golden oldies or the fresher, younger icons among Sony’s roster? Team Old Guard? Or Team Newbies? Let us know using the comments, and whether we missed any PlayStation Icons that you had in mind. 



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