Monsters & Monocles Brings Twin-Stick Shooting With a Victorian Steampunk Theme to PS4

A twin-stick shooter that you’ll be able to play at PlayStation Experience this weekend, Monsters & Monocles from developer Retro Dreamer is coming to PlayStation 4, though a release window wasn’t given.

Added to Steam Greenlight in August 2014, Monsters & Monocles is a Victorian steampunk themed game all about using teamwork and heavy weaponry to defeat the forces of evil. Featuring single-player, as well as co-op for up to four players online and locally, you’ll have to find the source of dark energy unleashed by a naive occult collector and destroy it.

If you do end up playing co-op, teamwork and reviving is a necessity, because you all share a single pool of lives.

Craig Sharpe, Co-founder and Artist, talked about Monsters & Monocles:

Each level is procedural, so you and your comrades will be faced with unique enemy placement, traps, secrets, and objectives each time you play. Your trusty airship, the HMS Scone, acts as your hub, allowing you to gear up before taking on challenging levels such as a haunted mansion, snowy Victorian streets, and a cursed Pharaoh’s tomb. Each area ends with a fearsome boss encounter, such as a demonic chimney sweep or a giant cyclops skull.

Search out and use powerful weapons to aid you in battle, like the blunderbuss, stake launcher, and the crumpet cannon, a steampunk toaster that fires weaponized crumpets.

Find and equip relics to customize your weapons and add new abilities to match your play style, and upgrade them by looting chests and destroying enemies.

You can learn more on the official site.

[Source: PS Blog]