Yakuza 5 English Release Date (Finally)

In addition to the news about PS4-exclusive Yakuza 0 leaving Asia, Sega has revealed that Yakuza 5 finally has a release date of Dec. 8 for North American PSN users still rocking that PS3. This news likely comes as a relief to those concerned about numerous delays to the project; most recently, it had been penciled in for a “mid November” release, which it obviously missed.

The Dec. 8 2015 launch puts it almost exactly three years later than its original Japanese release, and also right on the dot of the franchise’s 10th anniversary. The first Yakuza game launched on PS2 on Dec. 8, 2005.

I wrote an import review some time ago, and as yet another reminder for anyone new to the series, we did a little podcast thing with a general overview here.

Will you be jumping into Yakuza 5, Yakuza 0, or both?

I ask the question that way because “neither” is an irrelevant and incorrect answer.

…You son of a bitch.