PSX 2015: Destiny Sparrow Racing League Gameplay – Venus and Mars Maps

Perhaps one of the most surprising announcements from the PlayStation Experience keynote was the Destiny Sparrow Racing League, a three week event coming on December 8th free to all owners of The Taken King. Even more surprising is how excited Destiny players — including myself — got for an announcement of an odd racing addition to a game that traditionally bills itself as a first person shooter. 

Two entire tracks were built specifically for the Sparrow Racing League and we’ve got some exclusive gameplay from the PSX 2015, showing off both tracks. Capus Martius is located on Mars and Infinite Descent is located on Venus, each offering unique layouts and obstacles as the sparrows zip around the track. In some ways, it reminds me of the brutality and excitement of podracing. 

Check out each of the tracks below. On one I actually manage to come in first place, while the other sees me barely edged out of the pole position. You can also check out some of the new rewards at the end of each race.

Sparrow Racing League – Capus Martius (Mars)

Sparrow Racing League – Infinite Descent (Venus)

Are you excited to start sparrow racing in Destiny?