RIME Development “On Track” According to Tequila

Remember RIME? That charming title that debuted during gamescom 2014 that reminded everyone of Team ICO’s games, but has sadly not been heard from for quite some time?

With this year’s PlayStation Experience now done, and RIME not even making an appearance of any kind, some people think that the game has been cancelled, which you can’t blame them for. Fortunately for those looking forward to it, developer Tequila Works has gone on Twitter to allay fears and confirm that the game is still in development and is “on track.”

Tequila also confirmed that new info will be revealed “soon” though didn’t give any specific timeframe.

Let’s hope we see something new from RIME soon. In the meantime, if you’re looking for more RIME-related reading. go check out our in-depth feature on RIME and why we think it’s Sony’s most intriguing exclusive.

[Source: Tequila Works (Twitter) via GearNuke]