Tequila Works’ Gylt May Be Released on Other Platforms

One of the highlights of Google’s first Stadia Connect was Gylt. This is the newest game from Rime developer Tequila Works, and it looks to be a moody, horror-inspired title that caught the attention of many. While the announcement was worded as if it were an exclusive to Stadia (and it may still be, at least for a window of time), there appears to be a chance it could appear on other platforms, as well.

While the initial reveal trailer of Gylt gave the impression that it was an exclusive (it’s the only platform present, after all), co-founder and creative director Raúl Rubio Munárriz gave a fairly head-scratching answer.

Ok we haven’t confirmed that it’s an exclusive yet,” said Munárriz. When pressed for clarification on whether Gylt is simply a timed exclusive, he simply answered, “we haven’t answered that yet and I cannot answer yet.

This is in no way a confirmation that Gylt will be releasing on the PlayStation 4. However, Munárriz did give some hope towards a multiplatform release.

“Of course, we will try to make Gylt accessible for everyone. I guess it’s not a design question, it’s more of a business question. Today is not the time to answer that question but rest assured, everyone will be able to play the game,” Munárriz said regarding a potential expansion to other systems.

While as of right now Gylt seems exclusive to Stadia, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it release elsewhere. A majority of Tequila Works’ games have released on the PlayStation 4. Games like The Sexy Brutale, RiME, and a VR-exclusive Groundhog Day sequel are all on the PS4. However, we’ll simply have to wait and see what platforms Gylt ends up releasing on.

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[Source: Eurogamer]